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Mr. Gray always seems a little friendly when you deal with our small business and the welcome he gives you will certainly put a smile on your face. He takes the time to answer your questions and leaves you time and patience to make your purchase decision.

If you want to experience Texas history, you can visit Seguin for the first time and embark on a spooky adventure at the Haunted Magnolia Hotel, which houses a scale replica of the original 1920s Magnolia Hotel. Schneuker said they are in San Antonio and are working very closely with the developers to make sure they get in touch with the interested parties they have actively recruited for SeGuin in recent years. While COVID-19 may have stalled new developments, he said Se Guin is undoubtedly on the radar.

Visit the Sebastopol House from 1856 to see local slaves who founded one of the first black businesses in the state of Texas. In 1869, Hiram James Wallace Wilson, who learned the craft of pottery as a slave, founded his first business in Texas, which was owned by freed slaves.

In 1900, Seguin had one of the largest pecan statues in the state of Texas, of which less than 20 remain today, and even the only pecans on the statue are two much larger versions that you can find at the Pape and Pecan House Store in downtown San Antonio. If all the talk of pecans whets your appetite, visit the pecan / pecan shop to buy locally grown pecans to take home. Visit Texas Grape Grower's Market, where you can taste red and white grapes made from Texas grapes. Enjoy a pint of locally brewed beer at SeGuin Brewing Company or buy a bottle of beer from the local craft brewery.

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